Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn’t your nose hurt after a while?

Cordair sunglasses are extremely light, and require little tension to stay on firmly. Plus, the straps are more comfortable on your ears than conventional sunglasses, making Cordair among the most comfortable sunglasses on the market.

What lenses should I get?

All Cordair lenses block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. They are polycarbonate and have great impact resistance. All lenses are medium to dark.  Cordairs come with the choice of three different lenses

Copper/Brown Polar:  Great for driving as it enhances contrast. The polarization significantly reduces glare.

Gray Polar: This is an excellent bright sun lens for almost any outdoor activity. It gives a cool reduced glare appearance and is great for water sports, skiing, fishing, hiking, and sailing as it reduces glare off the water. 

Gray Non Polar: This lens is well suited for bright sunlight and driving and will not impede your heads up car display or cell phone viewing.  It will not inhibit the view of water on the road for motorcycling or biking.  

Will cords fit on my regular glasses?

No, Cordair frames are specially designed to work with our custom frames.

Are Cordairs available with Rx lenses?

Our first offering, the "Cordair Avant", is not available with prescription lenses but future frames, that are currently in the manufacturing process, will be.

Are there other benefits of Cordair lenses?

Yes! All Cordair lenses do an excellent job of blocking blue light, the shortest wavelength light which causes haze and glare from pollutants in the atmosphere and clouds. The scattering of blue light is a major contributor to eye fatigue. Cordair lenses reduce eye fatigue and strain while improving clarity of one's vision.